June 2022 at the B & B on Broadway

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June 2022 at the B & B on Broadway

B&B Buzz

Bookings are buzzing this summer as guests celebrate with friends and family. You’ll receive a reduced rate when you book all five rooms for your next celebration or getaway. Whether you’re socializing in the dining room, living room, or front porch; enjoying the full organic breakfast offered each morning; or getting ready for an outdoor adventure in one of our five large rooms each with their own bathroom, you’ll have ample space for gathering with others or finding a quiet corner to relax. And you don’t need to bring your whole gang; the B & B on Broadway is a great place to meet new friends. Book your summertime fun today!

Around the House

About those bathrooms . . . Yes, there’s an en suite bathroom in each of our five rooms. That’s not usually the case in B & Bs. Fortunately, the previous owners who turned this 1910 home into a bed and breakfast did their homework: guests prefer having their own bathroom. Actually, don’t we all prefer our own bathroom?

While updating and painting the bathrooms, we decided to learn more about the original bathroom. Surprisingly, it was most of room #4. We knew that the bathrooms in rooms #2 and #5 are expanded closets, and that the bathroom and spa tub in room #1 (the attic suite) were built when they remodeled the attic. (More about that remodel in a future newsletter.) We thought that the original design of our Victorian had a relatively small bathroom by today’s standards based on the size of the current bathrooms and the fact that all of the original doors and doorways to each of the five bedrooms are original. Not the case.

Victorian homeowners were very proud of their bathrooms and often made them grand rooms with access to the outdoors, if possible. The architects and original homeowners of our home, Hartvig and Thea Engbretson, built access to a deck off of their bathroom. You can imagine that after a steamy bath or shower you might enjoy stepping outdoors in the cool evening (or morning) air. Hartvig, Thea, and their three children could have also taken a secret stairway to the kitchen for a snack to enjoy on the back deck as well.  Actually, you don’t have to imagine. You can enjoy a spa shower or bath at the B&B today! Well, the secret stairway is closed, but maybe when you visit you can guess where it was  . . .

Around Decorah

Summer means that outdoor Decorah is in full swing. Driftless Yoga Festival June 23-26.; fishing; kayaking/tubing/canoeing the Upper Iowa River; hiking and biking the trails; and more. In the entryway of the B & B on Broadway, we have maps and guidebooks waiting for you and your next adventure around Decorah.


See you soon!

– Melissa & Matthew

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