Winter 2021 at the B & B on Broadway

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Winter 2021 at the B & B on Broadway

B&B Buzz

We are serving our much-asked-for-and-loved local, organic breakfast safely. Our dining room is small so we serve groups who are traveling together at an agreed-upon time. Our three-course breakfast includes a starter of in-season fresh fruit with yogurt and homemade honey lavender granola; a main entrée such as Farmers’ Mix, Eggs Benedict, Bacon-Potato-Kale Frittata, Sun-dried Tomato Egg Casserole, or Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes; followed by a breakfast dessert of homemade breads, muffins, scones or other sweets. Axel’s Oatmeal Banana Breakfast Cookies often make an appearance.

Around the House

As I write this note for the newsletter, I’m sitting on our front porch basking in the golden light of fall—a warm glow that seems to radiate from everywhere in a small town on the prairie.

It’s that warmth and reminder of possibilities that inspired us to put a sunburst in the pediment—triangle structure above the front porch steps—of the B & B on Broadway. We can see in one of the original pictures of our house (circa 1910) there is some type of scrollwork above the entry to the front porch, but it’s not clear exactly what it is. Ancient Greeks developed the pediment to adorn their architecture. We chose a sunburst pediment because it symbolizes life, light, wisdom, clarity, and peace across many cultures. It is a welcoming image for the start and end of each day.

When you read this newsletter, the light will have changed from the warm glow of fall to the cool bright white reflections of winter. On these sunny days, the shimmering light seems to dance across the barren landscape. The sunburst above our front entryway reminds us that today, like every day, the sun will set. It will also rise again on a new day and on new possibilities.

Around Decorah

Explore Decorah in the snow! Our family and guests enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing Decorah’s many groomed trails as well as places to venture out beyond the city limits. Decorah also floods the basketball court for ice skating and ice hockey, complete with a warming hut. Impact Coffee and Java John’s are also great places to warm up after your outdoor adventures.

Enjoy the winter because spring is coming!

– Melissa & Matthew

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